Questions about Seasonax in general

What is Seasonax?

Seasonax is a tool that helps financial professionals to identify and evaluate the seasonal patterns of any asset or asset class in order to boost returns. In addition, Seasonax users can examine intraday price patterns to improve timing and investigate event studies.

The application is available on Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters and is based on Dimitri Speck’s unique seasonality algorithms. It provides investors with sound statistical support for their investment and trading decisions.

What makes Seasonax better than the other seasonality applications on the market?

Most seasonality apps have very limited tools. Their output is often imprecise or even downright inaccurate. Seasonax is based on algorithms that generate precise seasonal charts and accurate return calculations. A number of important problems associated with seasonality were solved by these algorithms for the first time.

The Seasonax tools help users to identify trading opportunities and can help them to save a great deal of time they might otherwise need to spend on other forms of research.

With Seasonax, users can perform intrayear or intraday analysis, and examine event studies on all instruments available on Bloomberg or Thomson Reuters. This improves performance, reduces risk and provides sound statistical support for trading decisions.

On which platforms is the Seasonax application available?

Seasonax is only available to professionals on Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters Eikon.

The option to adapt the Seasonax application for companies using their own databases exists as well. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Who are the main competitors of Seasonax?

A few competitors can be found on the internet, but their applications are usually very specialized and offer only limited tools. Many have not managed to overcome the mathematical problems specific to seasonality, and their charts and data are therefore often unreliable. The unique algorithms developed by Dimitri Speck generate perfectly accurate charts and statistics. Seasonax charts are not only precise, but easy to use and therefore give investors a genuine edge.

Can I try Seasonax for free?

Seasonax offers a free trial period on Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters Eikon.

Who is currently using Seasonax?

Our user base is spread across banks, risk managers, hedge funds, CTAs and many more.

What is the main target group of Seasonax?

Our main target group consists of investment professionals who want to increase their profits, reduce their risk, support their decisions statistically and save time. This includes asset managers, risk managers, traders and researchers.

How often is the Seasonax Newsletter published?


Seasonax tools

What are the tools of the Seasonax application?

Seasonax allows you to choose from three different main tools:

1. Annual Seasonality: Seasonal price trends can be shown by averaging the price movements of previous years. Annual seasonal patterns identified by Seasonax help portfolio managers, investors, analysts, traders and hedge fund managers to stay in tune with seasonal trends.

2. Intraday Optimization: These charts can assist you in optimizing your timing in intraday trading and will save you a lot of time.

3. Event Studies: Event Studies help you to stay ahead of the curve. With a few clicks you can see the market impact of numerous events like elections, last trading days, holidays, central bank meetings and releases of economic reports.

What types of events can I choose from for event studies?

There is a list of events that you can customize and apply to your charts.

To name some of them: release of payrolls data, FOMC announcements, consumer confidence reports, business climate reports, full/new moon, presidential election years, etc.

Will additional tools be introduced in the future?

We are constantly working on adapting our application to your needs – we encourage you to get in contact with our support team in this context. New tools are released regularly.

Questions about seasonality

What is seasonality?

Seasonality is a seasonal fluctuation or cycle that forms a trend or pattern. The best-known seasonal pattern is probably the change in temperatures and weather conditions over the seasons of the year. Markets also demonstrate seasonal tendencies or trends, such as the year-end rally in the stock market or low heating oil prices during the summer.

How does the Seasonax seasonality algorithm work?

Seasonal price trends are shown by averaging the price movements of previous years.

The mathematical operations performed by our unique algorithm deliver precise results.

What are the reasons for the formation of specific seasonal patterns?

There are a number of possible reasons for the emergence of seasonal patterns – for example weather-based patterns such as harvest periods or the heating season, the timing of interest payments (e.g. at year-end or semi-annual payments), investor sentiment during certain times of the year (e.g. in the autumn), annual or quarterly financial reporting periods for companies (which can also be associated with temporary repatriation of capital) or investment funds, tax payment deadlines, periods of regular fund inflows, inventory cycles, etc.

How reliable are seasonal patterns?

Seasonal patterns that are based on sound statistics and a discernible cause are considered to be stable and have a high chance of repeating in the future.

Questions about Seasonax as a company

When was the company founded?

Seasonax was founded as a startup company in 2014 by Christoph Zenk and Dimitri Speck.

Where is Seasonax based?

Seasonax is headquartered in Austria/Vienna.

How is the company financed?

Seasonax is a privately held company. It is financed by the founders, the public Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and angel investors.

Who are the founders of the company?

Dimitri Speck is a professional in the field of pattern recognition and cycles research and a developer of trading systems. He is the founder of

Dimitri Speck has published numerous articles in international magazines and is the author of two books. He has been awarded in the year 2013 with the UCITS HEDGE AWARD for his Stay-C fund as the best performing commodity fund.

Christoph Zenk is an entrepreneur with a strong business development and technical background. He is a keen supporter of the Austrian Startup scene as a mentor in multiple programs and the founder of several companies. Christoph Zenk is responsible for strategic cooperation and VC development.

What is Fintech?

Fintech, or Financial Technologies, is an economic industry composed of companies (generally start-ups) that use technology to make financial services more efficient.

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Dimitri Speck has published numerous articles in international financial media on the topic of seasonal patterns.

Moreover, we have started our own Blog and the Newsletter ‘Seasonal Insights’, which is published biweekly.

How can I contact you?

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How much does Seasonax cost?

At the moment we are offering our Bloomberg users 7-day free trial. Thereafter the regular subscription price is 195 USD per month.

Do you offer discounts if I am interested in more than one license?

Please contact our sales team ( in order to receive precise cost estimates based on the number of licenses and the subscription period.

If your question is not answered in our FAQ, please either visit the support section for our tutorial videos or feel free to contact us via or

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